JUNE 8th 2019 | SAT | 11am - 2pm | SKYDIVE VANCOUVER

5112 Gladwin Road, Abbotsford, BC

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90 year old Etta Hellyer and 95 year old

Henry Martens are Skydiving for Seniors Care!

Join Henry and Etta for this family-friendly, community event at Skydive Vancouver with carnival-style games, food trucks, giveaways and more!

Etta Hellyer

Why skydive? Etta's mother lived at Tabor for 16 years. "It just sort of appealed to me, wanted to do something a little different."

Words to live by: "Treat everybody as an equal. Forgive yourself when you make mistakes and don't be afraid to try again. I hope that my family remembers me by the love I gave them and the foundation for life, faith in God."

How to live a good life: "Volunteer and be aware of what's going on in your community. Have a good relationship with your family." 

90 yrs old

Career: Psychiatric nursing, teaching, daycare & special ed.

"Just don't give up, try and try again. Don't be afraid of change and jumping into fields that you hadn't planned on doing."

Henry Martens

Why skydive? Henry's mother and his wife both lived at Tabor at different times. About his wife, Frieda: "She couldn't communicate but I would cup her face and lift her head and then she'd smile at me."

Words to live by: "I have never ever doubted my faith. I will never be lonely in my life, it's just me, God, my Bible and myself. My prayer is that every day, I might be a blessing. "

How to live a good life: "Love your neighbor as yourself. Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul and might." 

95 yrs old

Career: Photography (worked for Churchill during the war)

About his wife of 69 years, Frieda: "Never had a fight and that's her fault. Best thing I ever did."

Friends Etta and Henry will be skydiving to help raise funds for Tabor's Capital Campaign initiative, but that’s not all! Both families will be joining them – 4 generations to be exact. With our current Complex Care home needing to be replaced, we will be building a new ‘Centre for Living’ based on the ‘Household Model’ of residential care.

Why does this matter, you ask?

“1 in 3 people over 85 will require care in their lifetime."


Help us give quality care to the generation that paved the way for our community today. Help us take seniors care to the next level where residents experience more personal and active connections in a multi-functional space that feels like home.

Looking for more information? Learn more about this new building here.

Will you join our friends in their fight for quality seniors care?


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