Our Wish List

Ideas to help Tabor that fit any budget

Quality of Life Programs and Services

Activity Boxes


$200 each

Active-Passive Leg Ergometer


$4,000 each

Flat Screen Television


$2,000 each

Art Therapist


$50 per hour

Horticultural Therapist


$50 per hour

Tabor Court Chaplain


$50 per hour

Music Therapy


$75 per hour



$50 per week

Rehab Therapy


$65 per hour

Concert Program


$500 each

Resident Care Services

Arjo Walker


$6,000 each

Beds (electric high low)


$3,700 each

Broda Chairs


$2,500 each

Comfort basket for newly bereaved


$100 each

Commode Chair (adjustable)


$2,000 each

Mattresses – Roho System Specialty Mattresses


$4,000 each

Sit-to-Stand Sara Lifts


$13,000 each

Slings for lifts


$500 each

Transfer Belts


$60 each



$8,000 each


Coffee Tables


$400 each

Side Tables

$250 each
Bedside Tables


$300 each

Love Seats

$1000 each


$700 each

Accent Chairs


$550 each

Dining Chairs


$300 each

Dining Tables


$450 each