A voice for family of Tabor Village Residents

Disclaimer: Tabor Village Family Council is an independent support group of family and friends of Tabor Village residents. While Tabor Village supports the council, its views may not necessarily be those of Tabor Village.
THIS PETITION is an appeal to politicians, health authorities, physicians, legal experts, labour representatives and advocates to work together to address the need for mandatory vaccinations in facilities that care for our vulnerable seniors.

We, the undersigned,. say it’s time that everyone employed to care for vulnerable seniors should have to be vaccinated against any potentially deadly, contagious condition.

We contend that the rights of vulnerable older Canadians should outweigh Canadians’ Charter rights to various freedoms. Those who enter the field of health care have one overarching credo: Do No Harm.

There will, of course, be some exceptions to a blanket requirement, but other countries — New Zealand, Australia, Italy, parts of the U.S., other parts of Europe — have already introduced some mandatory protocols and continue to negotiate the minefield of human rights. These are democracies, not dictatorships. Isn’t it time for Canada, or at least British Columbia, to do the same?

We urge all participants in the highly anticipated inquest into elder care in Canada to place this high on the agenda. People in their declining years need to know that those who care directly for them won’t infect them.

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