TABOR VILLAGE VISITATION POLICY (December 1, 2021) As of October 26th, 2021, all visitors are required to be fully vaccinated to visit.

1. Visits for vaccinated visitors do not need to be scheduled.

2. There are no limitations regarding how many visitors are able to visit, unless the number exceeds the approved total number of visitors at a given time within the facility.

3. Children are welcome to visit all Tabor Village facilities. Pets are also welcome to visit. A pet waiver needs to be completed and given to the screeners before entry.

4. Gifts, food and beverages will be permitted to accompany the visit. All food needs to be within the specific dietary needs of the resident/tenant. Tabor Village is not able to store unfinished food. It is requested that you wipe down items being brought into the facility with sanitizing wipes.

5. Visitors are permitted to hug and hold hands with the resident/tenant.

6. Visitors are required to disclose their vaccination status by presenting their vaccine passport and verifying identification. Children under 12 are not required to be vaccinated. Fully vaccinated visitors must wear a medical mask while entering the facility and while in common areas, but are able to remove it in resident/tenants rooms/suites. This mask must be worn appropriately over the nose and mouth.

7. Unvaccinated visitors will not be allowed to visit in Tabor Village Facilities. Exceptions for circumstances related to compassionate reasons such as end-of-life care will be considered on an individual basis. Unvaccinated visitors must wear a medical mask at all times while in the facility. This mask must be worn over the nose and mouth during the entire visit. Additional PPE and a rapid test may be required. Unvaccinated visitors can request a digital visit, window visit or outdoor visit where appropriate. These visits are limited and must be scheduled in advance.

8. There are several designated outdoor visitation areas throughout Tabor Village. These areas are available on a first-come first-serve basis and cannot be reserved. Tabor Home has a specific visitation room for larger groups up to 6, which can be reserved at the Tabor Home office with the screeners. The visitation room must be sanitized with the provided wipes at the conclusion of each visit. Guests will be permitted access to public washrooms.

9. Visits will take place in resident/tenant rooms/suites. Visitors are not permitted to attend social gatherings within the facility. Visitors must remain socially distant from other residents/tenants.

10. Social visits will not be permitted during active outbreaks and visitation protocols may change when the facility is on enhanced monitoring. Pre-approved Essential Visitors will be able to visit once daily and only one visitor per resident/tenant may enter.

11. All new visitors are required to complete a visitation waiver. This waiver only needs to be completed on your initial visit. An email and phone number are required for contracting tracing purposes.

12. At each visit, the visitor must:

• Be respectful of Tabor Village property, staff, volunteers, residents/tenants and other visitors. Abusive language and/or actions will not be tolerated.

• Undergo a COVID-19 screening and temperature check.

• Display a visitation badge that will be issued to the visitor after completing the screening procedure.

• Wear an approved medical mask while in common areas and follow the guidelines regarding PPE use for vaccinated visitors.

• Perform hand hygiene (including hand washing or use of hand sanitizer) on entry and exit from the building and entry or exit from rooms/suites.

13. Visitors need to sign out and return their visitation badge to the screener before exiting.

Visitors who do not comply with these safety measures may have their visitation privileges revoked.

Visitation protocols are updated regularly. Visitors are required to follow the most recent regulations set out by Fraser Health and BCCDC.

Tabor Village complies with the visitation guidelines set by the BCCDC.

In Loving Memory

In honour of those we've loved and lost, we carry these loved ones in our hearts. Our Mission is to 'Care from the Heart' and when your heart is in serving a person, and that person passes, it is heartbreaking. Each dove on this Tabor Memory Tree represents a life of a beloved Tabor Home resident who passed due to COVID-19. Their memories live on in our hearts.

Videography by Evan Franklin


Updates April 2021:

*Please note we have moved to monthly updates instead of weekly as of April 16th, 2021.

April 16: Update Family & Friends
April 9: Update Family & Friends
April 1: Update Family & Friends
Visitation Update Effective April 1

January to March 2021

October to December 2020

July to September 2020

March to June 2020

What is Tabor doing to protect your loved ones?


All staff are screened on site by trained staff before and after every shift. If any staff presents with symptoms, they are immediately sent for testing and self-quarantine until test results come in.


With the recent visitation update effective April 1, 2021, visitors are able to bring gifts and food to residents, but items must be sanitized before delivery. Please do not bring any cash to residents at this time. Residents at Tabor Court can purchase items with debit, Visa, or Mastercard at the front desk as needed. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


All staff has undergone extra education regarding proper hand washing. We have posted signage encouraging proper handwashing in every washroom, sink station and lunch rooms. We also have hand sanitizer available at every entrance, exit, and throughout the residences. We are following a two-step cleaning / disinfecting procedure in accordance with PHAC recommendations on all high-touch surfaces such as hand rails, door handles, light switches, desks, phones, counters, food prep areas, washrooms, elevators, chairs, tables, etc.

Step 1 - General Purpose Cleaner with Hydrogen Peroxide.
Step 2 - Concentrated General Virucide Disinfectant Cleaner.

Staff are working very hard to take every measure available to protect your loved ones. We greatly appreciate the teamwork and dedication we are seeing from all of our staff during this challenging time.


In accordance with Fraser Health and the BC Provincial Health Officer, Dr. Bonnie Henry, our visitation policy allows for 2 adult Social Visitors and 1 child per resident/tenant at one time. Essential visitors are permitted, but only on a case by case basis, which must be discussed with and approved by our clinical team.

View Updated Tabor Village Visitation Policy here. Effective April 1, 2021

View Updated Visitation Guidelines here. Effective April 1, 2021

All in-person visits must be booked through our booking system via the links above.

All window visits and digital visits must be booked through Visitation Supervisor, Jackie Kingma.

  • Jackie's Email: 
  • Jackie's Phone: 604-859-8715 x 621
What would happen in an outbreak?

The outbreak protocol for COVID-19 is very similar to current protocols for influenza.

Enhanced cleaning and screening procedures would continue as already implemented.

Primary contacts would be informed immediately.

Fraser Health and the Provincial Medical Health Officer would provide direction for outbreak procedures.

Seniors with COVID-19 would be cared for and fed in their rooms by trained staff.

As always, significant health status changes would be communicated to residents’ and tenants’ primary contacts as soon as possible.

For more info and updates on the COVID-19 situation in BC:

There are many articles and sources of information available online about COVID-19. We encourage you to limit your intake of information to accurate and reliable sources only, such as the following:

Fraser Health Authority Coronavirus Information

BC Center for Disease Control

BC Ministry of Health Updates